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Our vision. Our mission. All that we stand for. 



A world where we have halted the climate crisis to secure a shared future for animals and people.


We mobilise the veterinary profession and the animal care community to tackle the climate crisis within and beyond our sector.


We provide opportunities for vets, vet nurses, veterinary support staff and the broader animal care industry to tackle the climate crisis both within and beyond veterinary practice. We help veterinarians reduce their own personal and workplace climate footprint, and advocate for policies to reduce Australia’s climate pollution at local, state and federal levels. Our expertise with animals makes us trusted voices with our clients and in our communities. We support our members to educate and engage people within their own circles of influence, and influence politicians in taking action to tackle the climate crisis. 


We work to mobilise the veterinary profession and animal care community to advocate for and take climate action. Our objectives are for the veterinary profession and animal care community to:

  • decarbonises as much as possible
  • exercise their democratic power for climate action
  • inspire the people we engage with to advocate for and take climate action


  • We rely on the best available science. 
  • We care deeply about the environment as well as human and animal health and welfare. 
  • We measure our impact and adapt our model and activities to continually improve. 
  • We work collaboratively and put our mission first. 
  • We respect the trust that our communities have in veterinarians.


Veterinarians for Climate Action is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is registered as a charity with the ACNC. We are governed by a Board of Directors, which is in turn elected by a group of approximately forty formal members. Our Board of Directors is responsible for providing leadership and direction to us and bears ultimate legal responsibility.

We have three full-time staff members who are responsible for executing the day-to-day of our organisation, and who in turn support and are supported by multiple volunteer teams.

We currently operate in Australia only but would love to support our colleagues overseas start their own organisations.


We primarily exist as a result of generous donations from people like yourself. To supplement this, we also apply for various grants and we have sponsorship opportunities for our ClimateSmart hospital sustainability program.