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What We Do

We provide opportunities for vets, vet nurses, veterinary support staff and the broader animal care community to tackle climate change both within and beyond veterinary practice.

Our objectives are for the veterinary profession and animal care community to:

  1. reduce our emissions as much as possible
  2. exercise our democratic power for climate action
  3. inspire the people we engage with to advocate for and take climate action.

About the Climate Care Program

The Climate Care Program by Vets for Climate Action is empowering vet teams to take the lead on environmental sustainability and help bring a halt to climate change. Created by vets and vet nurses for veterinary teams, the Climate Care Program is designed to be realistic and workable in a busy veterinary practice.

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I'm learning about climate change, and how our practice can be more climate friendly. It feels like I've been given the power to make a difference." Teresa, Veterinarian

The background info about climate issues is well presented. It's good to have a comprehensive plan for reducing our impact. It can save money, it can help staff morale and... it may make a difference for clients." Catherine, Veterinarian

Being part of this program has actually helped us to hire staff. That along with the benefits of water saving has been amazing!" Kelly, Practice Manager

Thorough information, detailed resources, relevant to the vet industry." Tamara, Hospital Administrator

[Our] staff are having a lot more conversations around climate action. They're coming up with ideas... and wanting to be involved, particularly around waste management." Jenny, Veterinarian

I'm very impressed with the level of detail and practical applications that are involved." Will, Veterinarian

(It's) a really good program. It's interactive, simplified and makes it really easy for busy working people. I am currently doing my diploma in vet nursing and it makes my environmentally sustainable workplace policies unit infinitely easier!" Gina, Vet Nurse Manager


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