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To support your Climate Care journey, we’ve collated resources from Australia and around the globe about climate change and environmental sustainability. While this is only a small selection of the content that is available, this page will constantly evolve as we develop and source specific resources for Climate Champions participating in the Climate Care Program and members of vet teams who want to learn more. In the meantime, if you come across a resource you think would be a useful addition to our resources page, please email our team for consideration.


It can be challenging to learn about the urgency of the need for climate action. It's reassuring to know there are many people and organisations who - like you - are keen to make a difference and are helping people to work together in practical ways to achieve this common goal. Taking action is an important part of tackling concerns about climate, and the Climate Care Program is designed to help you do just that. If you're experiencing an emotional response to climate change, take a look at the Psychology for a Safe Climate website for support and further resources.


  1. Getting your practice involved in the Climate Care Program
  2. Introduction to climate change
  3. Understanding the science behind climate change
  4. Climate change and animals
  5. How to talk about climate change
  6. Climate Care Program - Climate Champion Toolkit

Getting your practice involved in the Climate Care Program

  • Want to get your practice and team involved in the Climate Care Program? Check out our handy webinar and then use the powerpoint presentation to 'pitch' the benefits to your manager! Find out more.
  • Promotional flyer - check out our 2 page A4 flyer, outlining key information about the program and the many benefits of participation!
  • Vets for Climate Action - take a look at our promotional video to learn more about the organisation behind the Climate Care Program.

2. Introduction to climate change

  • Climate Facts for Vets - A summary of how climate change impacts animals and the environment and what vets can do to help.

  • Climate Council: What is Climate Change and what can we do about it - The Climate Council answers eight common climate change questions, including what’s causing climate change, what scientists are saying and what we can do about it. [PS The Climate Council has an amazing wealth of content available on their website. Check out their resources page for links to guides, reports, videos, podcasts etc].

Understanding the science behind climate change

  • Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change - The most important cause of global warming and climate change is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. How and why have levels of carbon dioxide increased, and what we need to do to stop this? Watch these videos to find out!
  • MIT Climate PortalLearn about climate change straight from the experts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • MIT Climate Primer: Climate Science, Risks and Solutions - Summarises the most important lines of evidence for human-caused climate change. It confronts the stickier questions about uncertainty in our projections, engages in a discussion of risk and risk management, and concludes by presenting different options for taking action.
  • NASA - Global Climate Change - Vital Signs of the Planet - Facts, figures, causes, effects, solutions, news and features. This website has it all!

Climate change and animals

  • Climate Facts for Vets - A summary of how climate change impacts animals and the environment and what vets can do to help.
  • Climate Change - A Veterinary Problem - A webinar presented by Dr Angela Frimberger (VfCA Deputy Board Chair and founder) to learn about how veterinarians and animal care staff can respond to the impact of climate change on animals under their care.
  • Companion AnimalsClimate change has become part of our lives and the rising temperature has consequences for animals as well as people. Risks to the health and welfare of all animals, including our pets, will increase.
  • LivestockClimate change is changing long term weather patterns that farmers and their animals rely upon.

5. How to talk about climate change

  • Talking about Climate to Clients and Suppliers (PDF - 465Kb) - When you talk about your achievements with your clients and suppliers, you will find there is a lot of support for your sustainability efforts! A practical guide for vet teams for how to make climate health a normal part of an animal health discussion.  
  • Climate Council Climate Conversation Guides - One of the most important actions you can take for the climate is just to have a conversation about it! However, we know that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. The Climate Council has put together these resources on how to have a conversation about all kinds of things, from solutions to extreme weather and bushfires.
  • How to talk about climate change in a way that makes a difference by Dr Rebecca Huntly - A toolkit for understanding our emotional responses to climate change and how we can have meaningful conversations across dividing lines. This book is about understanding why people who aren’t like you feel the way they do and learning to talk to them effectively.

6. Climate Care Program - Climate Champion Toolkit

A collection of resources designed to help 'Climate Champions' implement tasks within the Climate Care Program.


Got questions about the Climate Care Program?

Email our team at [email protected] We will be happy to help!

How to get involved...

The 'preliminary launch' of the Climate Care Program commenced in May 2022. Over the next few months, our team will be working with a cohort of practices to further refine the program, ready for launch in early 2023. Register your interest to be kept up to date on the latest program information.

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