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Meet Our Board

Dr Jeannet Kessels - Board Chair
Dr Jeannet Kessels
Board Chair
Jeannet is responding with conviction and commitment to growing alarm at the effects of climate change on animals and the environment. She owns two awarded veterinary hospitals in Springfield, Queensland, engages in business consulting, and dearly enjoys her family. A driving force behind our organisation, she dedicates herself to VfCA on a full time basis.
Dr Angela Frimberger - Public Officer
Dr Angela Frimberger
Public Officer
Angela is a biologist, veterinary oncologist, mother, small business owner and climate advocate. She brings years of experience in small-scale climate advocacy, ranging from her Climate Reality training, to regular speaking engagements, to founding Climate Vets, a global network of animal health professionals concerned about climate change.
Dr Helen Scott-Orr AM PSM - Advisor to the Board
Dr Helen Scott-Orr AM PSM
Advisor to the Board
Helen comes from an extensive career in public service, including being the first female Chief Veterinary Officer of NSW, and is deeply passionate about climate the potentical for the veterinary community to advocate for and achieve emissions reductions. Helen compliments her great sense of energy and humour with a wealth of experience in governance and strategy.
Mayleah House - Advisor to the Board
Mayleah House
Advisor to the Board
Mayleah passionately champions a climate positive future where nature and animals thrive. She is an experienced corporate campaigner, and brings her expertise in climate advocacy, legal risk, and corporate governance to the VfCA board. Mayleah is admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. She is a current Westpac Future Leaders scholar and Masters of Environment & Sustainability candidate.

Meet Our Staff

Ben Cox - CEO
Ben Cox
With a background in project management and business, Ben’s passion for climate action has led to him throwing himself fully into making VfCA a powerhouse both within our profession and within the climate movement. Ben is a strong believer in the power of Community Organising to achieve real and sustained change, and this is reflected in VfCA’s focus on volunteer engagement, thus empowering the veterinary profession to work towards urgent change.
Alix Foster Vander Elst - Campaigns and Communications Director
Alix Foster Vander Elst
Campaigns and Communications Director
Fighting for a world where all living things are free from the impacts of climate change is Alix's career and her passion. She has many years experience leading teams to win campaigns which drive positive climate action in Australia and internationally. Alix joined VfCA because she knows the powerful difference the veterinary and animal care community can make on this issue. She has an 8 year old beagle named Sookie and lives in Sydney.

Meet Our Patron

Prof Peter Doherty AC FRS FMedSci
Prof Peter Doherty AC FRS FMedSci
Peter Doherty shared the 1996 Nobel Medicine Prize for his discoveries about transplantation and “killer” T cell-mediated immunity, an understanding that is currently translating into new cancer treatments. The first veterinarian to win a Nobel, he was also Australian of the Year in 1997. Peter is still active in research and also maintains a public profile. His twitter feed mixes his outspoken views on the need for urgent climate action with his fantastically dry sense of humour.

Meet Our Volunteers

Cass is a small animal veterinarian from Sydney who is very passionate about sustainablity and minimising our ecological footprint. She works within the ClimateSmart team on developing course content, some graphic design, surveying participants and helping out with the technical platform we use. We love Cass for her slightly dry humour, her wit and her ability to get things done!
Corinna works for a large pharma company in a techincal role but has a background as a scientific educator. Within Vets for Climate Action she wears a few hats and is heavily involved within the Seminars team as well as assisting the Industry team in some of their work. We love Corinna for her extremely sharp intellect, passion for climate and care for those around her.
Bill is a former high level government vet and president of the Australian Veterinary Association. An ideas man and a networker, he contributes to the team of former Chief Veterinary Officers as well as our Policy team. We love Bill for his humour, his ability to see the big picture and his warmth.
Terry is a vet nursing lecturer from Perth and cared about climate since, well, caring about climate first became a thing! Terry works within our ClimateSmart team where her expertise in educational development comes to the fore. She has also delivered talks and written articles on climate in a veterinary context. We love Terry for her experience, her energy and because she's just so down to earth.
...and heaps more!
...and heaps more!
We have more than fifty volunteers at VfCA - far too many to list here! If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to meet you too!