We provide opportunities for vets, vet nurses, veterinary support staff and the broader animal care community to tackle climate change both within and beyond veterinary practice.

Our objectives are for the veterinary profession and animal care community to:

  1. reduce our emissions as much as possible
  2. exercise our democratic power for climate action
  3. inspire the people we engage with to advocate for and take climate action.


Climate Care Program - registration now open!

The groundbreaking Climate Care Program helps veterinary practices reduce emissions, improve environmental sustainability and learn more about why climate change is an animal health and welfare issue. Read more about the program and how you can get involved.


Resources on climate change for the veterinary and animal care sectors

Our dedicated members, many of whom are scientifically trained veterinary professionals, write resources on climate change for the veterinary and animal care community, and pet owners. You can find these resources hereIf you would like to help write more resources, get in touch.


Engaging in the democratic process

Strong policies from government are crucial to achieving climate action. Members, staff and board directors regularly write and meet with politicians. We let them know that members of the veterinary and animal care community want policies that respect the science and protect Australia's animals. We also contribute to submissions on issues regarding climate change, and were even invited to speak to a government committee about the proposed Climate Change Bills. If you'd like to engage with politicians, we've put together a toolkit here.


Speaking in the media

Animals can't speak for themselves. Which is why it's so important that vets, vet nurses and animal carers speak on their behalf! VfCA members regularly write press releases and speak to the media about the impact of climate change on animals. To see some of our media coverage, and our press releases, take a look here. If you'd like to help write press releases, pitch stories to journalists, or be a VfCA spokesperson for media interviews, get in touch.


Hosting webinars

We're lucky to have connections with some impressive individuals! From Australia's Chief Veterinary Officer, to celebrated climate scientists to climate policy experts. We often arrange webinars, for our members to hear from these engaging speakers. To watch past webinars and see upcoming webinars, check out our events page.


Animal organisation alliances for climate action

We work closely with a number of veterinary and animal organisations. Together, we hold events to talk about the importance of climate action for Australia's animals, speak to our membership bases about the issue and meet with politicians together. We believe in strength in numbers! Some organisations we've worked with include the Australian Veterinary Association (who now have a strong, updated climate policy), the RSPCA, Taronga Zoo, the Zoo and Aquarium Association, Farmers for Climate Action, and a group of over 30 former Chief Veterinary Officers. To name just a few!


Speakers at events

We arrange for respected and engaging experts to speak at veterinary conferences. At the AVA conferences in 2021 for example, the key theme was climate change. VfCA speakers included our patron, Professor Peter Doherty and Dr Jeremy Watson - whose vet practice is certified carbon neutral!


Digital actions

When an issue or moment arises that large numbers of members want to engage on, we launch digital actions. This makes it easy for our 1,500 members to quickly take action. Here are some of our most recent digital actions.

Federal Election Petition

'Climate Change is an Animal Welfare Issue' Petition

International Climate Change Meeting Petition (IPCC and COP26)

Climate Change Bills - Write to your MP


Dedicated volunteers make it all possible

All of the incredible work outlined above is made possible by a remarkable team of volunteers. 



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