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Climate Care Program - Why get involved?

Benefits for your practice include

Through participating in the Climate Care Program, not only will you be reducing your environmental impact and helping to protect animal habitats, you'll also be:

  • Increasing team building and motivation as you work together on projects that improve your practice and the environment.
  • Improving profitability by finding easy ways to add value and cut costs.
  • Increasing loyalty from your clients by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.
  • Attracting and retaining the best team members by showing your standing as a leading ethical and environmental vet practice.
  • Educating your team and clients on climate change and environmental sustainability.

As vet teams, we are guardians of, and advocates for, animal health. Being more sustainable is a practical way to reduce our impact on the environment, and provides leadership and inspiration to pet owners, farmers and wildlife carers that we all need to do more."

Dr Jeremy Watson, VfCA Volunteer, Veterinarian and Partner at Brimbank Veterinary Clinic (the first veterinary practice in Australia to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active)

Together we can do so much...

Climate change makes weather events more extreme and worsens natural disasters. From more intense bushfires that kill iconic wildlife, to increased temperatures that lead to heat stress in beloved pets, to changes in weather patterns that effect livestock - the veterinary community across Australia is on the frontlines of climate change impacts.

For the good of our patients - and ourselves - we need to do what WE can to take the best possible care of the environment, and particularly to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to help bring a halt to climate change.

The good news is there is plenty that vet teams can do to work more sustainably, and that’s what the Climate Care Program is all about!

Designed to be seamlessly implemented within a modern Australian veterinary practice, our program provides you with easy, achievable steps that will contribute to reducing your environmental impact and improving the welfare of the animals you care for.  


Be part of something unique and innovative!

The Climate Care Program is the first of its kind with extensive design input from a collaborative team of vets, vet nurses, sustainability engineers and specialist tertiary educators. The content is based on universal principles around sustainable practice and climate change mitigation with solutions referencing local services within Australia. 

Participating in the Climate Care Program is your chance to act on climate change and engage your team and clients in fun, tangible and rewarding actions.

Read what Climate Champions who participated in the preliminary launch said about their involvement in the program...

Got questions about the Climate Care Program?

Email our team at [email protected] We will be happy to help!

Are you ready to be a Climate Champion?

Registration is now open for the Climate Care Program. Register before 31 March, 2023 to receive 30% off the annual subscription fee!