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About Vets for Climate Action

Watch the video below and hear why Dr Angela Frimberger volunteers with Vets for Climate Action.

A voice for all animals. A team of phenomenal people.

Australians love their animals and wildlife. And we know the growing climate crisis threatens their welfare. 

At Veterinarians for Climate Action we represent concerned veterinarians, veterinary nurses, practices and industry partners across Australia who want urgent climate action. We hold a unique place in the heart of communities. Veterinarians are highly trusted professionals spanning multiple fields, with expertise in livestock, wildlife and pet health and welfare, epidemiology, public health and the environment. We can comfortably talk to millions of Australians about the health of animals, the importance of stable environments and the urgent need for climate action. 

We have a strong member base and passionate volunteers who: 

  • train people within our industry to become advocates for action
  • set up Community Impact Groups to help create champions
  • come together to call for a future where animals thrive. 

We support policies to protect all animals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • bringing about a rapid shift to 100% renewable energy.
  • stopping new coal mines and exploration.
  • improving forest management and agriculture to be climate positive.  

We are the voice for all Australian animals. We invite you to become a champion in your community and strengthen that voice.

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