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Our Volunteers


I joined VfCA in December 2019 and I have found a home for my climate concerns. I meet fantastic, inspiring and motivated people all wanting to help animals - including us!  I love working to ensure that you have the same opportunity and fulfilment that I have within VfCA, and to do so in a way which aligns with your skills, your available time and how you like to work.

Dr Anne Rainbow, Veterinarian, Perth (Anne supports VfCA volunteers) 

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Our volunteers are our lifeblood.

Veterinarians for Climate Action is led by an amazing team of volunteers. People who bring passion to our projects and have fun as they do it. We know a strong volunteering environment is the only way we can bring our sustained change, so we support our people every step of the way and help them grow and achieve.

We work in impactful and friendly teams

There are many ways to get involved with us. Our ‘teams’ structure is set up to help volunteers find an area they can contribute and thrive in. Each of our teams:

  • focuses on a particular topic or way of working
  • has a team leader (or two)
  • has fortnightly or monthly meetings
  • manages their own project
  • come together from time to time to work on major campaigns.

We support our volunteers

Everyone is worthy and deserving of kindness, community, and the ability to grow. That’s why if you volunteer with us you always have:  

  • a role in the organisation that best suits your skills, interests and available time
  • a safe, healthy and harassment-free environment in which to perform your role
  • supervision, support and the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback
  • the right to say “no"
  • the right to be treated with fairness and respect.

We'll help you find the team best for you. You're welcome to join multiple teams, or even set up your own. 



Nurture our Volunteers Team

They grow and nurture our volunteer groups. The work ranges from attending AVA and VNCA events, personal onboarding phone calls, to writing descriptions just like this.

Climate Smart Team

They are developing our Climate Smart hospital sustainability program.

CVOs Team

A team of more than a dozen former CVOs who work on a range of activities including writing a letter to the Prime Minister, appearing in media and organising a round of meetings with local MPs.

Rural Team

A group dedicated to those country folk who are looking to engage within the rural veterinary landscape.

Writing Team

This group is for the wordsmiths and writers to get stuck into things like VfCA’s submission to the Bushfire Royal Commission or some of our media work.

Industry Team

This group works to make climate a priority with the corporate animal sector through campaigns such as our 100% renewable work. For example they work with the AVA to declare a Climate Emergency and meet with Taronga Zoo to bring attention to climate change as an animal welfare issue.

Seminars Team

This team organises online seminars to help spread our message, and occasionally they branch out into in-person events too.

Policy Team

This team encourages our political leaders to take steps towards a safe climate.

Universities Team

This team consists of both lecturers and students and it works to make climate a priority within the veterinary education world.



When I joined VfCA I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I spent some time in the ClimateSmart group and also the Comms & Media team. I still attend both groups periodically, but now spend most of my time assisting the Climate Smart group where I help digitise learning modules.

Rhiannon Campbell, Veterinary Nurse, Melbourne


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