Register for the Climate Care Program

Registration is now open to all veterinary practices located within Australia. You can choose to pay the annual subscription via a one-off upfront payment or with monthly payments for 12 months.

To get started on your Climate Care journey, choose a subscription payment option below and register your details. And if you’d like to register 4 or more clinics, please contact our team for group subscription payments and to arrange registration.

The Climate Care Program has been developed conscientiously and in good faith. It is however presented as an assessment of the sector as a whole and is updated at set intervals only. Vets for Climate Action (VfCA) and the Climate Care Program (CCP) provide no representation or warranty that the Program's contents will satisfy the needs of every practice. You should make your own enquiries as to the options best suited to your business, as there may be more suitable choices available in the market that respond to your specific needs. 

VfCA collaborates with a number of commercial partners and business sponsors who support our work and the Program's goals. Some of their products/services are discussed in the Program. The CCP's creators have investigated these and all other referenced products/services, and have determined all of them to be compatible with the Program's ethos of empowering a climate-conscious sector. Uptake of any referenced options is in no way compulsory, and has no bearing on participants' completion of the Program.

IMPORTANT: We use PayPal to process payments for the program. After you submit the registration form, you'll be redirected to PayPal to enter your payment details. To ensure your payment is processed correctly, please ensure you navigate all the way to the 'payment thank you' page before closing your window.

For further information, please read the Climate Care Program Terms and Conditions.


One-off upfront payment

$2340.00 plus GST
12 month subscription



Monthly payments

$195.00 per month plus GST
12 month subscription



Registering 4 or more clinics?

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