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As a result of recent amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), Vets for Climate Action may send meeting related documents (such as a notice of a general meeting) to members in physical form, electronic form or by providing a link to where the documents can be accessed electronically (in addition to any other methods of providing notice in the constitution).

VfCA will generally send meeting-related documents via email. However, as a member of VfCA you have a right to elect to receive meeting related documents in a physical or electronic form.

If you would like to receive meeting meeting-related documents, such as our notice of the next Annual General Meeting, electronically there is nothing further required.

If you would prefer to receive these in physical form (ie. in the post), please complete this form.

By all means get in touch with any questions at [email protected]


Additional Member Information

By completing this form, you elect to receive meeting-related documents by post.

Please DO NOT complete this form if you are happy to receive these by email.