About the Climate Care Program

The Climate Care Program by Vets for Climate Action is empowering vet teams to take the lead on environmental sustainability and help bring a halt to climate change. Created by vets and vet nurses for veterinary teams, the Climate Care Program is designed to be realistic and workable in a busy veterinary practice.

The Climate Care Program - supporting sustainable vet teams

The video below takes a 'real world' look at how we, as vet teams, have an impact on our environment, why it's important that we minimise this, and how the Climate Care Program will help you achieve this goal.

Why the Climate Care Program was created

Like the human health care sector, the veterinary profession uses a lot of energy and chemicals, and generates a lot of waste. And while many vet teams are highly motivated to become more environmentally sustainable and take action on climate, workplace challenges make it difficult to achieve this. 

As a group of vets, nurses and other animal care professionals, we at Vets for Climate Action have insight into these challenges. We are also experienced communicators and educators, talking with clients and the community every day. We are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between what our colleagues in veterinary teams would like to do, and what they feel equipped to do.

This inspired us to develop a program that provides education on environmental sustainability and makes it easy to implement practical solutions, even in a busy veterinary practice. Best of all, everyone in your veterinary team can participate including:

  • Vets
  • Vet nurses
  • Managers
  • Owners
  • Receptionists
  • Animal attendants
  • Customer care personnel
  • Students on placement

It’s easy to feel paralysed by the size and complexity of not stopping climate change. Our program is a simple and meaningful way for people in our profession to make a huge difference, and benefit too!”

Mila Kasby - VfCA Volunteer and part-owner of Great Western Animal Hospital, Sydney 

What it costs

The Climate Care Program is of value to veterinary business in many ways, including improved staff satisfaction and retention, client perception, cost savings and increased profitability and of course reducing your environmental impact. 

Access to the program requires an annual subscription fee paid upfront or monthly for 12 months. 

> One-off upfront payment
$2340.00 + GST

> Monthly payments (for 12 months)
$195.00 + GST per month

> Registering 4 or more clinics? 
Contact us for group subscription payments and to arrange registration.

Read more about program pricing, payment and program access in the Terms and Conditions


Got questions about the Climate Care Program?

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The Climate Care Program has been developed conscientiously and in good faith. It is however presented as an assessment of the sector as a whole and is updated at set intervals only. Vets for Climate Action (VfCA) and the Climate Care Program (CCP) provide no representation or warranty that the Program's contents will satisfy the needs of every practice. You should make your own enquiries as to the options best suited to your business, as there may be more suitable choices available in the market that respond to your specific needs. 

VfCA collaborates with a number of commercial partners and business sponsors who support our work and the Program's goals. Some of their products/services are discussed in the Program. The CCP's creators have investigated these and all other referenced products/services, and have determined all of them to be compatible with the Program's ethos of empowering a climate-conscious sector. Uptake of any referenced options is in no way compulsory, and has no bearing on participants' completion of the Program.