Vets as Climate Advocates

At VfCA we firmly believe that vets, vet nurses and other animal care professionals can be powerful climate advocates.  Download our article or read on below to learn why and how.


Climate change is already hurting the animals that we love

Whether it is bushfires that kill wildlife and destroy habitat, floods and cyclones that sweep away livestock and damage farms, or extreme temperatures that result in heat stress and dehydration for beloved pets, none of the animals that we love are safe from the increasing impacts of climate change.

Vets and Veterinary nurses are some of the most caring, dedicated professionals out there, driven by their love of animals and the people that live with them.  Every day they advocate for the health and welfare of their patients.  That’s why it makes sense for them to also advocate for action on one of the biggest threats facing animals - climate change.


Why do veterinary professionals make fantastic Climate Advocates?

Vets, vet nurses and other veterinary staff hold a unique place in the heart of communities.  They are highly trusted, deeply embedded in the communities in which they live and work, and have expertise spanning multiple fields, including livestock, wildlife and pet health and welfare, epidemiology, public health and the environment. 

Every day, owners seek health advice and information about their animals from their veterinary clinic.  Highly trained and very knowledgeable, vets and nurses are used to talking about complex scientific information in simple terms that every day people can understand.  This makes them great scientific communicators, and trusted advisors to their communities.


Vets and vet nurses are also incredibly practical people, well versed in the day to day running of veterinary clinics and the care of animals. This puts them in an ideal position to be able to implement useful changes.

All of these factors mean that veterinary professionals have the knowledge, skills and trust required to advocate for action on climate change, protect the animals that we all love, and become great Climate Advocates.


Want to become a Climate Advocate?  Here are some simple ways to get started

  • talk to friends, family, colleagues and clients about how climate change is impacting on animals.  Many people haven’t made that connection yet. You can find advice on having great climate conversations on our website
  • follow Vets for Climate Action on Facebook or Instagram and share our posts on your own - or your clinic’s - social media
  • make some simple changes to help lower the impact of your clinic.  For example, switch to recycled toilet paper, email receipts instead of printing them to save paper, and sort your waste for effective recycling.  Better yet, talk to your practice manager or owner about joining VfCAs Climate Care Program, to really help your clinic slash its carbon footprint 
  • Become a regular donor to a climate advocacy organisation.  You can join VfCA’s Monthly Donor Program.  Every tiny bit helps!
  • feeling really fired up?  Why not write to your local Member of Parliament and let them know that you’re worried about the impact that climate change is having on animals?  There’s advice on doing this on the resources page of our website