Pets Walk for Climate Action - Ocean Grove VIC

We had about 90 to 100 people and 20 to 30 dogs brave a chilly, overcast day for the 'Pets Walk for Climate Action' (organised by VfCA and local vets in conjunction with Australian Parents for Climate Action) on the morning of Saturday 7 May 2022 at Ocean Grove beach, Victoria.

Three Federal election candidates (sitting member plus two others) turned up and heard three short talks, including one by VfCA volunteer Mike Nunn, on why climate action is needed now to protect animals, including pets, livestock and wildlife. 

The VfCA posters were a hit, with children liking the wombat one best. Some lessons were learnt, including to choose a warm, sunny day if planning a pets walk for climate action!

The event was such a success that it also made it into a number of new papers including this article in the Bellarine Times.