MEDIA RELEASE: NSW Parliament strengthens climate bills to help protect animals we love

The NSW Parliament has passed its Climate Change (Net Zero Future) Bill which includes a net zero by 2050 target and critically, a target to reduce emissions by 70% by 2035.


Vets for Climate Action has welcomed the new laws, which are a step towards protecting our pets, wildlife and livestock from the impacts of climate change.

"Importantly these targets show that climate change is an issue that should inspire political cooperation. We congratulate the NSW Labor Government, NSW Liberals and Nationals and crossbenchers on working together on this," said Vets for Climate Action board director Dr Helen Scott-Orr AM PSM. 

"In our submission on the legislation, VfCA called for science-based and strengthened emission reduction targets, regular reviews and reassessment of these emission reduction targets, and  that the Bill include explicit consideration of the impacts that a changing climate has on animals. 

"Animals hold no responsibility for the causes of climate change, yet they experience the consequences most strongly. We are thrilled that all parties have listened and the Net Zero Future Bill will recognise the impact of climate change on our animals. The people of NSW are animal lovers: 69% of households own a pet, over 29 million sheep and cattle are farmed in NSW and an incalculable number of native animals share the state, including 1043 threatened species. The much loved animals of NSW are counting on these protections to reduce further loss.”