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Hospital Supporter

Align with Veterinarians for Climate Action and benefit your business.

  1. Gain access to our Climate Smart Hospital Sustainability Program (currently under development).
  2. Increase loyalty from your clients and your team by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility
  3. Develop networking opportunities as you share smart ideas and build connections with other vet practices
  4. Be shown on our website as a leading business (currently under development)
  5. Protect our animals’ habitats with a real contribution to reducing the impacts of climate change

Our fees for an annual business membership is $2,000. This helps our young organisation invest in our growth as well as the expansion of the Climate Smart program.

Please get in contact if you wish to discuss tax deductibility.

Note that this sponsorship category is limited to individual hospitals or other small-to-medium veterinary-related businesses. If you represent a larger organisation or corporate entity then please get in touch to discuss opportunities for us to work together.


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