Brimbank Vet Clinic – more sustainability success

The team at Brimbank Vet Clinic have been working on improving sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint for a number of years. The first veterinary clinic in Australia to become certified carbon neutral on the Australian Government Climate Active Register, Brimbank Vet Clinic have also been collaborating with VfCA’s Climate Care Program to test and implement a number of recommendations across the program’s sustainability topic areas.

Going electric
Brimbank Vet Clinic have maximised the number of solar panels on their roof space which has given them a surplus or cheap solar power. To take full advantage of this surplus power, the clinic has changed all of their gas appliances (hot water and clothes dryer) to new generation electric alternatives, and use their reverse cycle air-conditioners for both heating and cooling. They have also installed an electric vehicle fast charger, and fully charge 2 electric vehicles while at work which has given nearly 20,000km of travel in the last year! These small but important changes have resulted in a more than 30% reduction in their energy bills as well as zero emissions.

Being a Carbon Neutral Clinic is a bit of work. But it’s teamwork. And together I believe we are making a difference. Not only are we educating our staff, we are also educating our clients. Little by little, I hope we can chip away and make a difference while we can. We are thinking of our future; family and pets. I am proud of the clinic and our mission to help the world we live in”.
Jo, Receptionist

Saving water

In October 2020, the team at Brimbank Vet Clinic began testing out the recommendations from the Water for Life module in the Climate Care Program. They conducted a water assessment to find out how water is used in different parts of their clinic. They learnt the clinic was using 800L of water per day. By identifying ways to reduce water usage, they made simple upgrades to some equipment including changing 15 basin tap aerators from 9lt/min to 3lt/min, better maintenance of water tank filters and changing scrub sink behaviour. This coupled with a change in team behaviours has seen their water usage more than halved - now down to 370L per day! The financial saving they have made, by far exceed the investment costs.

Brimbank Vet Clinic’s carbon neutral status was one of the main things that really attracted me to the practice, and I feel so lucky and proud to be a part of it. With my mother and sister working in environmental management, sustainability has always been a key focus in my family, so it really resonated with me when I learnt about the practice’s approach. This clinic has taught me that it is possible to work hard for the health of our patients whilst protecting and promoting the health of our planet”.
Scout, Associate Veterinarian.

Other changes...

Brimbank Vet Clinic have also streamlined and simplified their cage bedding materials. The clinic now only uses second-hand, natural fibre towels and woollen blankets in 2 standard sizes only. As a result they recycled 77kg of odd sized, synthetic bedding materials and have created a lot more space in the clinic as well as reducing their laundry load! Now they only use cotton bath towels and woollen blankets (always ready donations from clients). Towels are used as cage bedding and blankets are used to cover patients under anaesthetic to keep them warm.

We look forward to hearing more about the positive outcomes from the changes that Brimbank Vet Clinic are making. Read more about the savings thay have made from diverting waste.


The new electric dryer in action!

Rooftop solar panels installed

All of the synthetic, odd-sized bedding that were recycled

The standard size, natural fibre bedding materials being used


If you’d like to join Brimbank Vet Clinic and become an environmentally sustainable clinic, register to participate in the Climate Care Program!