Climate Care Program – July update

We’ve had a busy few months with our preliminary launch kicking off, continued development of program content, attending conferences, staff changes and of course, an election! So we’d like to take some time to reflect on and share our progress and achievements with you...



The preliminary launch of the Climate Care Program is well under way with 21 clinics – ranging from small general practices to specialist referral and emergency hospitals from across Australia. We’re pleased with how the cohort is tracking and have received lots of positive and constructive feedback which is helping us to further refine the program. A huge thank you to all the teams participating in this trial phase. It's great to see you starting to implement practical solutions that lead to positive change for your practice and the environment!

"So far (I'm) feeling inspired that this may really help change some protocols within the practice."

Read more about what the practice ‘Climate Champions are saying about their involvement in the program so far...

The team at Greater Springfield Veterinary in QLD discuss the Climate Care Program during a Lunch & Learn session.


Australian Veterinary Association + Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia Conferences – Gold Coast

Thanks to those of you who visited the VfCA stands to have a chat with our staff and volunteers. We were thrilled to see so much interest in the Climate Care Program. Pictured to the right are Dr Corinna Klupiec (Climate Care Program, Product Development Manager) and Dr Angela Frimberger (VfCA Deputy Chair) who gave presentations at the AVA Conference on Sustainability a win-win proposition and Climate Change: A Veterinary Problem.

Veterinary scene down under: Climate Care Program to be launched

In case you missed it, check out the recent article published on DVM360 the leading multimedia provider of animal healthcare news, education, and research. This is great exposure for the program as the platform has a global audience!


  • You can access tools, tips and information on the resources page of our website.
  • Are you ready to become the Climate Care Champion of your practice? Watch the webinar and find out how!


Did you that... Australia uses around 70 billion pieces of soft ‘scrunchable’ plastics, such as food wrappers, each year? That’s about 7-8 pieces per person per day!*

The good news is there's plenty vet teams can do to work more sustainably. In the No Time to Waste content module of the Climate Care Program, we explore what happens to waste and how this contributes to climate change. You’ll learn how to be more efficient at using resources, and disposing of them in an appropriate manner, reducing costs and keeping waste out of landfill.

In the meantime, check out the Plastic Free July® website to see how you can get involved in the initiative and be part of the solution!

*Source: Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment National Plastics Plan.


A big welcome to Sarah Wooltorton – Climate Care Program, Project Manager

Sarah joined VfCA earlier this month and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience following almost a decade working in the vet/animal healthcare space. She's been responsible for developing products for some of Australia’s biggest pet insurance brands and is highly skilled in large product launches and communications. Sarah is passionate about climate action and animal welfare and has enjoyed coordinating volunteers for animal welfare charities throughout her career.

A ‘temporary’ farewell to Corinna Klupiec – Climate Care Program, Product Development Manager

Corinna has done a stellar job breathing life into the Climate Care Program over the past year, originally as Project Manager then later as Product Development Manager. We wish her all the best for the next few months while she takes some much needed leave.

Opportunities – would you like to join our team?

  • Volunteer role overseeing the continued development of the Healthcare without Harm content module in the Climate Care Program. This module focuses on identifying the products – and ways of using/disposing of them – that are kindest to vet teams, animals and the environment.
  • Product Development contract role (4-6 month part-time) to help finalise the Climate Care Program content. You’ll be editing module content and assisting with instructional design, as well as incorporating valuable feedback from our preliminary launch group of practices. Ideally this role will be filled by a vet, with a background in education.

If this sounds like you, email our team to find out more.

Want to know more about the team behind the Climate Care Program? Check out the Creators page on our website.


You can dispose of your veterinary medicines responsibly?

Animal Medicines Australia, the peak body for Australia’s animal health companies, has recently launched the Vet-Med Disposal Campaign to help veterinarians, farmers and pet owners dispose of unwanted medicines safely. Learn more.


Development of the Climate Care Program continues as we address the valuable feedback from our preliminary launch participants. Please stay tuned for updates on the public launch and registration information.

Help us spread the word... If you know others who are yet to register their interest in the program, let them know they can sign up via our website to be kept up to date on the latest program information.

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