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Workplace Giving

What is workplace giving? 

Workplace giving is a simple way for you (as an employee) to donate regularly to the charity of your choice…. like us! Your employer deducts the amount of your choice from your gross (pre-tax) salary and donates it directly to the charity on your behalf. 

You receive the tax benefit straight away - no need to wait for that tax receipt at the end of the financial year - and the charity receives your contribution immediately and can use it where it’s needed most.


Employees nominate their charity and select the amount they would like to donate each pay cycle. This can be done easily through most payroll software or an online workplace giving platform like Benevity. Below is a form to print off and complete to provide to your employer.

Download Form


The nominated donation amount is deducted from the employee's pre-tax pay, so the tax benefit is immediate reducing paperwork at tax time.

VfCA receives the donation* and we use it to mobilise the Climate Care Program into more clinics, engage more and more rural and regional vets, and fuel our core work to stop the devastating impacts of the changing climate on our wildlife, livestock and pets.

*Your employer may even choose to match your giving and double your impact through Matched Giving. Some organisations match donations dollar for dollar, others choose to double match or match to a capped amount. Matched Giving is a powerful and effective way for organisations to support VfCA and a great way to support and honour employees’ commitment to the causes they care about.

If your workplace doesn't offer a Workplace Giving program you can still make an online donation to VfCA. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. You can also start Workplace Giving by reading more here:


For Employees

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For Employers

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