For Employers

Workplace Giving is a proven tool for building a more engaged, inclusive and motivated workforce, contributing to overall business performance. The process is relatively easy to set up and needs little ongoing maintenance. It offers an effective way of demonstrating your commitment to the community to your staff, customers and other stakeholders

By enabling staff to donate direct from their pay:

  • you help their hard-earned money get to the causes they care about in the most efficient way
  • you deliver sustained, cost-effective funding to charities, allowing them to focus on achieving their goals and delivering social change.
  • it doesn't affect their superannuation or payroll tax calculations like salary sacrificing (Workplace giving reduces the donor’s PAYG liability but it doesn’t decrease their gross income)

It also provides a tool to cement your position as an employer of choice. 

If you have a large number of employees you can choose to enable staff to donate to any Deductible Gift Recipient charity, you may wish to consider engaging a Workplace Giving Management Platform to process donations to make it easier. Vets for Climate Action is already registered with Benevity 

For workplace giving, participating charities or other organisations must have ongoing DGR status. VfCA does - you can double check the DGR status of an organisation here

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Thanks so much for your support!