Why was the Climate Care Program created?


Climate change makes weather events more extreme and worsens natural disasters. From more intense bushfires that kill iconic wildlife, to increased temperatures that lead to heat stress in beloved pets, to changes in weather patterns that effect livestock  the veterinary community across Australia is on the frontlines of climate change impacts.

We also know that the veterinary profession uses a lot of energy and chemicals, and generates a lot of waste. And while many vet teams are highly motivated to become more environmentally sustainable and take action on climate, workplace challenges make it difficult to achieve this. 

As a group of vets, nurses and other animal care professionals, we at Vets for Climate Action have insight into these challenges. We are also experienced communicators and educators, talking with clients and the community every day. We are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between what our colleagues in veterinary teams would like to do, and what they feel equipped to do.

This inspired us to develop a program that provides education on environmental sustainability and makes it easy to implement practical solutions, even in a busy veterinary practice.

For the good of our patients – and ourselves – we need to do what WE can to take the best possible care of the environment, and particularly to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to help bring a halt to climate change.