What will I learn?


As a Climate Champion you'll learn about key aspects of sustainability in veterinary practice, and how making improvements in these areas helps conserve precious natural resources, reduce pollution and, most pressingly, mitigate climate change. 

The Climate Care Program comprises an introductory module and six sequential content based modules, each addressing a different sustainability topic. We cover water, waste/recycling, energy, procurement and chemicals. We'll provide guidance about how to get the most out of each module, depending on the time the Climate Champion has available. The program employs a variety of fun learning strategies to engage and inspire you, such as audio/video clips, case studies, Q&A, hotspots, flip cards and how-to-cards to name a few. These strategies provide flexibility yet scaffold and guide learning. Learn more.

Through participating in the Climate Care Program, your practice will experience many benefits including:

  • Reducing your environmental impact
  • Motivating and educating your team
  • Helping to protect animal habitats
  • Reducing costs and adding value
  • Attracting and retaining dedicated staff
  • Increased client loyalty
  • Networking opportunities