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VfCA welcomes NSW Govt announcement on emissions

Vets for Climate Action welcomes the announcement from the NSW Government that it is increasing its emissions reduction target to 70% by 2035.

Vets for Climate Action CEO, Tara O’Connell, said: “This announcement by the NSW Government shows a huge level of commitment to tackle climate change and reduce emissions.

“Every day vets are witnessing first hand the impact of climate change on animal welfare and animal agricultural production. More and more of our pets are suffering from either heat stress or a huge proliferation of ticks following the recent record breaking rainfall.

“Livestock has been suffering or dying due to the recent floods and an increase in mosquito borne diseases like Japanese Encephalitis, which has moved further south into Australia from Asia as the climate has changed.

“And of course we have lost over 3 billion animals due to devastating fires in recent years, with iconic species such as the koala now listed as endangered.

“Commitments to reduce emissions like the one the NSW Government has announced today are vital if we are to protect our animals, our communities and the environment.”


Read the article in the National Tribune here

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