VfCA advocates for health

This week three of our team pounded the halls of Canberra demanding climate action. We had some great successes in linking climate change to health impacts.

Jeannet Kessels (our Chair), Angela Frimberger (one of our directors) and Bill Scanlan (one of our volunteers and representing our team of former Chief Veterinary Officers) met with more than a dozen MP's from across the political spectrum, including Mehreen Faruqi, Andrew Wilkie, Brian Mitchell, Deborah O’Neill, Ged Kearney, Andrew Bragg, Pat Conroy, Julie Owens, Russell Broadbent, Milton Dick, Libby Coker, Nick Champion, Graham Perrett and Zali Steggall.

This event was organised by the Climate Action Health Alliance (CAHA), of which VfCA is a member. The overal campaign succeded in drawing attention to the health impacts of climate change, with the senate agreeing to a motion calling for a "National Strategy on Climate Change, Health and Well-being" (link).

This campaign was also successful in obtaining media coverage, such as this article on the Port News and this article on Renew Economy.




Barnaby Joyce, David Littlproud, Matt Cavanan and Keith Pitt also discovered a copy of the latest VfCA brochure on their desks :-)