Meet the faces behind Veterinarians for Climate Action

Dr Jeannet Kessels is the chair of VfCA. Her story and motivation to work on climate action recently featured in the Vet Practice magazine.

Dr Kessels has established herself as a successful veterinary practitioner and business manager having built two AVA accredited veterinary hospitals of excellence in Queensland. Distressed by the impact of the recent bushfires and drought, due to climate change on our animals, Dr Kessels retired from clinical work and established Veterinarians for Climate Action (VfCA). “The science is clear,” says Dr Kessels. “Humanity has about 10 years to substantially lessen emissions before changes in climate, with cascading impacts and escalating feedback loops, reach a tipping point with little chance of return. It will cause incomprehensible distress to humanity and to the animals we love and need.”

You can read the article from the VetPractice magazine here.