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Support The Big Red Walk

Will you chip in to support Kat and help us advocate for climate action and protect the animals we love and care for? 

In July 2024, one of our own, Kat Zacklova, will begin her journey to cross the Simpson Desert. Helicopter pilot, skydiver, BASE jumper, and author: Kat is giving her all in a 2024 Guinness World Record attempt to be "The Oldest Female to Cross the Simpson Desert" - her words, not ours - in The Big Red Walk

Known as Munga-Thirri by the Wangkangurru Yarluyandi people, the Simpson Desert is a large area of dry, red sandy plain and dunes in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland in central Australia. 

As Kat walks solo through these lands, she can expect to see hundreds of native species of birds, including crested pigeons, galahs, and Black Kites. At night, she may be disturbed by native mammals like the dunnart, or ampurta, and even dingoes! And in the early morning perhaps she'll see reptilian inhabitants like Australia's largest lizard, the perentie, sand goannas, thorny devils, or the desert python (the woma) before they leave tracks in the sand. 

Beneath the red sands of Australia's fourth largest desert is the Great Artesian Basin - one of the largest underground freshwater resources in world, and Australia's largest and most important groundwater basin. This is a culturally significant place to Indigenous Australians who have called the area home for thousands of years, as well our unique wildlife, and the lifeblood for many farmers, graziers, and regional communities. This reliable freshwater source is threatened by a proposed pilot 'carbon capture and storage' project, and ongoing fossil fuel projects which will contaminate the water and surrounding land. In her attempt to be the The Oldest Female to Cross the Simpson Desert, Kat has chosen to fundraise for Vets for Climate Action and two other very worthy charities: The Black Dog Institute and Wounded Heroes Australia. 

Support Kat with her fundraising goal

Make a tax deductible donation today and together we can help Kat reach her goal AND inspire and educate within and beyond the veterinary profession. We can continue to amplify our impact, and expand our reach to even more vets and vet nurses on the front line of creating change.

We can promote sustainable veterinary care and ensure we are taking steps to reduce our climate impact. 

Your donation will fuel our core work to stop the devastating impacts of our changing climate on our wildlife, livestock and pets.
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