Presenting Climate Science to Australian Veterinary Leaders - Mark Howden


Pre-eminent Aussie climate scientist Mark Howden presented to some of the veterinary profession’s best and brightest this week.

Mark is a wealth of knowledge and we hope you find this video as informative and interesting as we did.

An event organised by Veterinarians for Climate Action. Stay in touch at

More on Mark:

‘Professor Mark Howden is Director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University. He is also an Honorary Professor at Melbourne University, a Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and a member of the Australian National Climate Science Advisory Committee.

Mark has over 420 publications of different types. He helped develop both the national and international greenhouse gas inventories that are a fundamental part of the Paris Agreement and has assessed sustainable ways to reduce emissions. He has been a major contributor to the IPCC since 1991, with roles in the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Assessment Reports, and was a Nobel Prize recipient in 2007.’