Your active participation in the Climate Care Community


Climate Care Facebook Learning Community

We’ve set up a Facebook community group for all current and alumni Climate Champions across Australia. Climate Champions are encouraged to interact with other subscribing clinics via our closed group on Facebook. Being a member or active in this group is entirely voluntary, and failure to join the Climate Care Champions Group will not affect access or completion of the program.

Whilst group participation is not compulsory for any Climate Champions, this community will support your learning experience as part of the program and is an opportunity for you to connect with a learning community of veterinary professionals and carers. It’s a great place to share ideas and learn about strategies and techniques for what is working well… and perhaps what isn’t! Like any community, the more you engage, the more you will get out of it. By connecting through this community, we hope you’ll experience the broader impacts of the program. Many changes, no matter how small can have a big impact!


  • This is a FREE closed group, and access will be granted to any recognised Climate Champions or registered clinic owners and managers.
  • The nominated Climate Champion for each clinic will find the links and invitation to join the group once they have completed the introductory module 'Starting your Climate Care Journey'. 
  • Our team will be administrators and moderators of the group, and you’re expected to adhere to the community guidelines when participating. 

Collecting your feedback and insights throughout the program

We value your experience coming into the program, and through our Climate Care Community, we hope to leverage the existing knowledge of everyone involved in the program to ensure we continue to build on existing knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs. Our program has been designed and developed to create real-time impact, but that relies on the actions of Climate Care Champions and their colleagues. Feedback from all the Climate Champions throughout the program will help us understand the user experience and any impactful or unintended changes happening in your clinic as a result.

Here are two main ways we aim to collect information from you while participating in the program:  

  • Evaluation surveys: At three critical intervals throughout the program pathway, we have included learner surveys to measure the changes occurring due to your involvement in the program, along with gathering your feedback. This data is collected from all clinics and will be de-identified. 
  • Feedback Surveys: From time to time, we may send you surveys or request a conversation with you to assist in the development, improvement and refinement of the Program. Providing feedback is entirely optional but is greatly appreciated. Feedback will be sought by:
    • A user survey sent by email; or
    • A request to participate in an interview either online or via telephone.

Note: VfCA may also request permission to feature your clinic's case studies or your stories on a case-by-case basis. Your data will not be shared publicly without your informed consent.