R&RP Lead Dr Elise Anderson speaks to the Guardian

Our Rural & Regional Lead Dr Elise Anderson spoke with the Guardian this week about pets and climate change. Dr Anderson spoke about the carbon footprint of pets but also provided tips on how to reduce this, including through insect-based protein. 

Dr Anderson also suggests pet owners leverage what are often long-standing relationships with their vet to ask what their clinic is doing about climate change. One way is to ask if they’ve signed on for Vets for Climate Action’s Climate Care Program, which Dr Anderson says can help clinics lower carbon emissions by about 50%.

“We hear a lot about the impact of climate change on people … but we don’t necessarily make that connection with the impact it is having on animals,” she says.

“So many of us are animal lovers and everything we can do to reduce the impact of climate change has benefits for the animals we all love.”

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