Take Part in Mobile Muster!

Vets for Climate Action has partnered with PhoneCycle to turn your old phone into a new voice for animals!

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By dropping your mobile phone into one of our Mobile Musterers (say that a few times quickly!) you're saving the precious resources used in your phone from landfill, and giving them new life. And PhoneCycle will donate the proceeds to Vets for Climate Action to support us to continue to promote sustainable veterinary care, advocate for climate action and protect biodiversity. 

PhoneCycle will either break down phones and accessories into their different component materials, or refurbish them. PhoneCycle are able to recycle more than 95% of your phone's materials. Phones in working condition are repaired, securely wiped and their lifespan extended.  Phones that can be repaired are refurbished and reused!

Refurbishing or recycling electronic devices supports the circular economy and contribute to sustainable tech consumption, and minimises the demand for new products and very effectively reduces the need to extract further raw materials from the earth.

Frequent Ask Questions

What types of devices can be dropped off?

Any mobile phones, tablets and laptops (plus their cords) of any age and in any condition. 

Do I need to do anything to my device?

Yes! Please make sure to log out of your icloud or google accounts on your phone. PhoneCycle will do a full, secure erasure of your phone but can't remove these accounts so the phone can't then be reused. 

How do I log out of my icloud or google account?

To sign out of icloud / Apple devices, please follow these steps

To sign out of Google accounts, please follow these steps

What happens to my data?

PhoneCycle will securely erase the date from your device using a data sanitisation solution. If the device cannot cleared it will be broken down for recycling and all the data destroyed. However for peace of mind, you may wish to return your device to Factory Settings and clear data. Our partner for the Mobile Muster has provided tutorial videos on how to manage your data: 

- Android data clearing

- iPhone data clearing

Where can I drop of my devices?

This May 2024, you can drop your devices to any of Greater Springfield Veterinary's locations in Augustine Heights, Springfield or Eden's Crossing. They are donating all proceeds from devices delivered to them to Vets for Climate Action!

Thanks GSV!

How do I host a Mobile Muster and collect devices for VfCA?

Email us at [email protected] and we'll get you started!