Coffee Grounds and Plastic Bottles

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Hear from the founders of two sustainable veterinary suppliers: Dr Steph Stubbe from Anipal and Natalie Lippiatt from Hand2Heart.

Listen to their inspiring stories and what led to the creation of their innovative products and sustainable businesses.  

Learn how simple choices in your clinics can lead to impactful outcomes to reduce waste.

About the Presenters:

Nat Lippiatt, founder of Hand 2 Heart

Nat has a passion for health and emerging health trends. She ran her own brand and creative agency for 20 years, where she worked with health-focussed clients across government departments, global pharmaceutical companies, health-conscious Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) companies including The a2 Milk Company and Freedom Foods. Her passion projects lay in the work she did in the not-for-profit sector, where she became involved with the Children's Cancer Foundation and joined the board as a non-executive director for 8 years.

Hand 2 Heart

Hand 2 Heart Healthwear began with a desire to reimagine the health apparel industry. They wanted to challenge conventional medical scrubs design to transform ordinary workwear into performance wear with superior style and comfort.

But they also chose to confront an even bigger problem – that of environmental waste – with a commitment to create a range of sustainable scrubs.

Hand 2 Heart is on a mission to reduce the environmental footprint of the health sector by conserving natural resources and minimising waste.

Dr Steph Stubbe, BAppSc (Hons.), DVM, founder of Anipal

Dr Steph Stubbe is a veterinarian and founder of Anipal, an organisation founded as a vehicle to rethink and redesign the everyday things we use in the vet and pet industry to enable pet owners to drive positive, sustainable change.  Growing up in rural Australia, Steph moved to Melbourne to study Science and The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine whilst working at an AgTech Accelerator. This fueled her curiosity in sustainable farming and proteins.
While working a veterinarian at RSPCA Victoria, Steph founded Anipal which has grown to be a trusted brand, providing natural and sustainable health solutions to pets.


As a vet working in RSPCA, Steph became increasingly aware and concerned about the effects of climate change and plastic pollution on the environment and wildlife both globally and locally on our own native species. Having grown up next to the Murray River and witnessed the damaging impact of waste plastic in the river, local waterways, and our land, she wanted a solution to tackle this crisis, at this point, Anipal was born.  

In February 2023, Anipal and Vet Dr Stephanie Stubbe came under the Martin and Pleasance (M&P) portfolio of brands.  

Anipal, has evolved to be a trusted brand providing sustainable, high quality products that have a positive health impact on dogs health and the planet. Everything is designed from a scientific perspective, using researched ingredients helping provide comfort for pet owners with evidence-based, natural solutions.