Creating a Team Culture of Sustainability – Climate Care Program by Vets for Climate Action


As veterinary and animal care professionals, you understand that healthy animals need a healthy climate. The good news is that there is plenty that vet teams can do to tackle climate change and its impact on the animals we love and care for. 

Join VfCA Volunteer and Vet, Dr Mariane Morin as she shares her experience of overcoming workplace challenges to becoming environmentally sustainable and how to get your team involved. 

Be introduced to Vets for Climate Action’s world-first Climate Care Program: a six module program towards sustainability which provides.  

  • the tools and knowledge to successfully integrate sustainable solutions into a busy veterinary practice; and 
  • fun and engaging activities for your team to reduce your practice’s environment impact and and improve the health and welfare of the animals you care for.

About Dr Mariane Morin

Graduating with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2013 from the University of Montreal, Dr Mariane Morin has worked in Canada, Senegal and Thailand. In 2018 Mariane moved to Melbourne (with her cat Pablo) and has been working with Thornbury Veterinary Hospital, specialising in small animal medicine, surgery and geriatric cats.  

As a French-Canadian who grew up camping amongst the luxuriant Canadian wilderness, Mariane has long been aware of the environmental crises we are facing.  Her love of nature has inspired her to make efforts in her personal life to become more sustainable, and reduce her ecological footprint. 

Mariane has been volunteering with Vets for Climate Action (VfCA) since 2021 which she has found immensely rewarding. It has provided her with an opportunity to have both a global and local impact, including influencing her hospital to introduce sustainable practices to combat climate change. Techniques she has shared as the content developer for the 'Energy Efficiency' module for VfCA’s Climate Care Program.

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