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Larapinta trek for animals 2023



28 JUNE - 3 JULY 2023

Trek the Larapinta Trail and support Vets for Climate Action as they work for a better tomorrow for the animals we love.

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During the 2019–20 bushfires, 3 billion native animals were killed or displaced. Hundreds of thousands of livestock and burrowing animals have been killed by recent floods. Every summer, your own pets suffer from heat stress. On the frontline, and experiencing firsthand the impact of climate change on wildlife, livestock and pets, are veterinary professionals and animal carers.

So, in June 2023, Vets for Climate Action and their supporters are trekking the Larapinta Trail to raise vital funds to help create a better world for the animals and people living in it. Are you ready to join them?

When you take on this epic five-day hiking adventure, you’ll explore the incredible Larapinta Trail. Traverse the West MacDonnell Ranges, marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery, and look out for the native fauna like rock wallabies, dingoes, goannas and wedge tail eagles. At night, you’ll sleep beneath a million stars. And the whole time you’ll be helping Vets for Climate Action protect the environment for wildlife, livestock and pets.