In Conversation with Dr Jonica Newby: Beyond Climate Grief

As we hit the critical decade the reality of climate change is starting to sink in, and while we’ve heard much on the facts and what we should do, it’s high time we addressed the emotional toll of this onslaught of distressing news.  For those in the unique position of providing care to animals, burnout – our own or our colleagues – is a very real risk. 

How do we find courage when climate change overwhelms? 

Vets for Climate Action were excited to welcome master storyteller, veterinarian turned ABC TV science reporter Dr Jonica Newby, who joined VfCA’s Corinna Klupiec for an open conversation on her new book Beyond Climate Grief; a journey of love, snow, fire, and an enchanted beer can and provided strategies; essential for caring for oneself, colleagues, and members of the public. 

This was an event organised by Veterinarians for Climate Action. 31 people attended this webinar from 100 RSVP's.

The presentation can be viewed below: