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How are you funded and who are your members?


We are funded entirely through our membership fees and donations, including from our business members. We have four membership categories:

1. Veterinarian (and student veterinarian) members. These members have voting rights within our constitution, influencing strategic direction and electing the board.


2. Associate members. Nurses, Receptionists, Zoo staff, Business managers etc working in the veterinary profession and passionate about our cause. This group has the same membership rights as Veterinarians.


3. Business Membership category for all veterinary clinics and hospitals. For the purpose of maintaining our independence, business members do not carry voting rights.


4. Community members. We welcome all concerned about the impact of climate change on the animals they love to join VfCA. These members are incredibly valuable although do not carry voting rights.


In addition to the above we accept monies from philanthropic grants, we occassionally run crowdfunding campaigns and we seek corporate partners for our hospital sustainability program.