Vets urge Environment Minister to enact "water trigger" to prevent fracking in NT

Fracking in the NT threatens Beetaloo ecosystems and native wildlife, cattle production, ground and surface water and contributes to climate change.  

In light of the NT Government’s announcement today that it has approved fracking of natural gas in the Beetaloo Basin, Vets for Climate Action CEO Stefany Goldring and Board Director Dr Helen Scott-Orr are calling on the Minister for the Environment and Water to urgently use the “water trigger” available under the The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act) before this project starts so that it is independently assessed for its impact on water resources at a Federal Government level.

"We are concerned about the contribution of the project to climate change, the risk to ground and surface water in the Northern Territory, and the impact of this project on Beetaloo ecosystems and native wildlife, as well as cattle production," writes Stefany. 

Fifteen species are listed as threatened (being either critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable) occur or potentially occur within the Beetaloo region based on reports run by the NT Department of the Environment and Energy. 

The scientific evidence is unequivocal, and it is clear we must act now to reduce emissions, and under no circumstances begin new gas or oil projects of any nature to avoid the worst of climate change impacts on the animals we love and care for. 

Read VfCA's letter to Minister Plibersek here and learn about the impacts of fracking on animals here.