Excuses of uncertainty and the defence of ignorance won’t stop Climate Change

Dr Jeannet Kessel, chair of Veterinarians for Climate Action, describes her personal experience of the damage wrought by last summer's bushfires. She travelled from south-east Queensland through rural New South Wales in January 2020 and saw the scorching following the fires. "The flames had taken everything....", she laments. "Where thick forest had once covered the ridges of the hills, I saw rows of sticks. The animals, the birds I love to watch,
the little lizards, the sugar gliders who had all been quietly doing their own thing, working it out for themselves over millions of years, were gone. "

Dr Kessel reminds that after the grieving it's so important not to despair, but resolve to do all we can to stop this tragedy from repeating itself, again and again, year after year.

View the article, which was published in the ProVet News and also The Australian Veterinarian.