Fresh water dolphin deaths linked to climate change

The Gippsland Lakes could lose its iconic Burrunan dolphins within decades to a fatal skin disease caused by the changing climate, a study has found.

VfCA volunteer and passionate climate advocate, Nahiid Stephens, co-authored a study into the recent deaths of the Burrunan dolphins, an endangered species endemic to the Gippsland Lakes and Port Phillip. With climate change expected to drive more frequent and severe droughts and floods, Dr Stephens said it was likely that this freshwater skin disease would affect more dolphins in the future and put at risk existing populations.

This research was published in Nature journal, was covered by 85 news outlets across the world, 12 blogs, 300+ tweets and two wikipedia pages. VfCA's was directly responsible for a few of these articles, including this Gippsland Times article and this ABC Gippsland article.