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Terms and Conditions for participation in the preliminary launch of the Climate Care Program

Vets for Climate Action (VfCA) may vary these terms and conditions (Terms) or impose new Terms on participation in the Climate Care Program (CCP) at any time. Notification of changes will be communicated via email as they occur. Participants are able to cancel their registration at any time (see the ‘Cancellation’ section below).

The CCP preliminary launch registration form requires participating practices to indicate that these Terms have been read and accepted in full. 


  • Participation is open to veterinary practices located within Australia.
  • Participating practices will have access to a pilot version of the full Climate Care Program. 
  • Participation is based on the enrolment of one participant (Climate Champion) per practice. The Climate Champion is the person who will be undertaking the CCP and will be the primary contact for information regarding the program. 
  • Practices participating in the preliminary launch will form a ‘preliminary launch cohort’. Practices will be considered part of this cohort for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of commencement of the preliminary launch. The date of commencement will be the date of receipt by the Climate Champion via email of the CCP enrolment instructions.
  • Each participating practice agrees to assist VfCA in the development and refinement of the CCP by providing user feedback as detailed below: 
    • VfCA will gather user feedback for a period of at least three (3) months from the commencement of the preliminary launch. 
    • During this three (3) month period, Climate Champions agree to complete at least the Introductory Module and the first two (2) content based modules (refer to ‘Program delivery’ below for module details).
    • User feedback about the CCP will be gathered by VfCA through dedicated surveys sent via email.
    • After the initial three (3) month period, participating practices are welcome to complete any outstanding modules with provision of ongoing user feedback being optional.

Program Delivery

  • The CCP will be delivered using the Tribal Habits Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The following parameters will be put in place with respect to the LMS for your participation in the preliminary launch:
    • The Climate Champion will be enrolled in the LMS (one login/user profile per practice). Due to the educational design of the CCP, more than one user profile per practice is not recommended but can be considered upon request. 
    • The login is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of activation.
    • The CCP is self-paced and comprises a ‘learning pathway’ incorporating an introductory module and six (6) sequential content-based modules. The content-based modules cover the following topics:
      • Module 1 - Water 
      • Module 2 - Recycling & minimising landfill
      • Module 3 - Energy efficiency
      • Module 4 - Renewable energy
      • Module 5 - Procurement
      • Module 6 - Chemicals, toxins and pharmaceuticals 
    • To progress from one module to the next, the Climate Champion is required to meet certain minimum engagement criteria (e.g. view required content, implement three easy sustainability solutions, share their achievements with their team and clients), and to complete a ‘progress’ survey.
      • Time commitment: The design of the CCP permits different levels of engagement and associated time commitment. It is anticipated that, to complete the minimum engagement criteria, the Climate Champion will require an average of approximately one hour per week.
      • Climate Champions can return to previously completed modules e.g. to refer back to earlier tasks or information.
      • Any delays in VfCA’s ability to provide access to Modules 3 to 6 will be communicated to the Climate Champion via email. 
    • More information about Tribal Habits terms of use, privacy policy and accessibility guidelines is available on their website. We note and you acknowledge that VfCA is not responsible for any Tribal Habits documents or frameworks.
  • Climate Champions are encouraged to interact with one another via the online Climate Care Community using the Discourse discussion platform as follows:
    • Each Climate Champion will be given one (1) login.
    • Duration of access is unlimited. 
    • For more information on Discourse privacy policy, visit the Discourse website.
    • Participants are required to comply with Discourse community guidelines, which can be accessed once a user profile is established.
    • You acknowledge that, whilst VfCA will be acting as the monitor and administrator of the discussion platform, VfCA is not responsible for the Discourse frameworks, data processing and/or terms & conditions of access.
  • Climate Champions agree to keep their login and password safe and will not provide it to any third party.


  • To cancel participation in the preliminary launch, please email our team: [email protected] with the words “Cancel Participation” in the subject line.
  • Upon receipt of the cancellation request, the practice enrolment will be deactivated within 3 business days by VfCA.


  • There is no monetary charge to you or your practice for participation in the preliminary launch. 
  • In the future, VfCA may charge participating practices for access to the CCP. This will not apply to practices participating in the preliminary launch.


  • Data collected from the CCP preliminary launch registration form is not shared with any third party.
  • User feedback and data entered by Climate Champions into Tribal Habits and via the dedicated surveys will be de-identified when used for research and marketing purposes by VfCA. These may include but are not limited to journal publications, social media, promotional materials and reports.
  • VfCA may approach participating practices for permission to feature in case studies on a case by case basis.


  • The information provided throughout the CCP (including the preliminary launch phase), is of a general educational nature. The activities and interventions described in the CCP may not be suitable for all veterinary practices, and as such you will need to consider what aspects of the CCP best suit your business for implementation.
  • VfCA takes no responsibility for the outcomes of decisions made by individual practices based on the information provided in the CCP.
  • VfCA receives no payments, incentives or endorsements from any company in exchange for a product, brand or service being named or referred to in the CCP.

Last updated 31 May, 2022
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