Gowrie Vet Clinic – over a decade of reducing emissions!

Gundi Rhoades is a veterinarian and owner of Gowrie Veterinary Clinic, located in Northern NSW. She grew up in Germany during the 70s and 80s and at school she learnt about the need to protect the environment. Her life journey later led her to a cattle property in rural NSW, and eventually to becoming owner of her own veterinary clinic. Over the past decade she has worked hard to make her clinic more sustainable. 

Ten years ago, Gowrie Veterinary Clinic made the powerful decision to add solar panels to their clinic, and five years after that they doubled the number of panels. The power produced from their solar array is often more than the clinic uses. One power bill showed that the solar panels were producing 23.3kWh/day, whilst the clinic was using only 11.7kWH per day. By adding solar panels Gowrie Veterinary Clinic has not only drastically reduced their emissions, but have also drastically decreased their power bills.

Solar panels installed on the roof of Gowrie Vet Clinic.

Other ways that Gundi and her team have worked to make their clinic more sustainable include reducing their waste by recycling materials where possible, and by ensuring that all unnecessary
computers and lights are switched off completely overnight. Gundi is lucky enough to have a few acres surrounding the clinic that have enabled Gundi to plant a large garden. This garden has resulted in around 80 trees being planted over the years, and has created a lovely space for clients and their animals.

Gundi with one of her patients. 

Gundi is very passionate about climate action, soil health and regenerative agriculture and has volunteered with Vets for Climate Action since its inception in 2019. She has authored a book called The Food Solution: Eating for Today to Save Tomorrow and also hosted a podcast called The Food Solution.

If you would like to find out how your clinic can become more sustainable, reduce its emissions, and take action to help with a changing climate, register for our Climate Care Program.