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National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy 2021

The National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy is set to be updated at the end of the year, after being initially introduced in 2015. VfCA welcomes this update and is keen to lend our professional input to the consultation process (and beyond). Prepared by Dr Janet Berry with support, our letter outlines key recommendations for what we believe the strategy should include. Official recognition of the climate crisis is key to moving the country forwards, and especially the recognition of the role fossil fuels are playing in this crisis. Paired with evidence-based forecasts, we need clear steps to ramp up climate change mitigation to avoid increasing disasters for our citizens, and the ever-growing loss of Australia's unique flora and fauna. We recommend these steps include encouraging increased investment into renewable energy, supporting uptake of climate mitigating innovations in the agriculture industry, and escalating research and education in related fields. Our full list of recommendations can be read at this link. 

VfCA looks forward to an effective strategy that reflects the urgency of climate change.

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