Climate Change and Animal Health with Dr Angela Frimberger

Farmers for Climate Action and Vets for Climate Action recently held information evenings across Northern NSW exploring the impacts of climate change on livestock and other animals, as well as what we can do to protect them.

Dr Angela Frimberger, a biologist, veterinary oncologist and Deputy Board Chair of Vets for Climate Action, discusses the latest climate science, and the range of ways climate change is affecting the welfare and productivity of our livestock. She also discusses climate and on-farm solutions, so we can ensure that our livestock remain healthy and productive into the future.

Dr Frimberger also touches on how climate change is affecting Australia’s unique native fauna on our properties and what steps can be taken to look after them.

About Dr Angela Frimberger

Dr Angela Frimberger is a biologist, veterinary oncologist, mother, small business owner and climate advocate. She brings years of experience in small-scale climate advocacy, ranging from her Climate Reality training, to regular speaking engagements, to founding Climate Vets, a global network of animal health professionals concerned about climate change.