Before you begin the program


Equipment and technical requirements

We’ve designed the program to be as environmentally friendly as possible so everything can be easily accessed online. As an e-learning program, you'll need the following before beginning: 

  1. A computer (desktop PC/laptop) running a current or updated operating system. Note - a mobile device (tablet or phone) can access Tribal Habits Learning Management system (see below) via its browser. Mobile devices can create an 'app' button to launch Tribal Habits on their device by saving a bookmark of your Tribal Habits portal URL to their home screens.
  2. Reliable high-speed internet access. 
  3. The program contains lots of videos to support your learning. So your computer should have a speaker and/or be able to insert headphones and a location where audio will not disturb others when listening to the content. 
  4. We recommend that your browser settings allow pop-ups while using the Tribal Habits platform. The modules include several resources, links and tools you will need to access while moving through the program. 

Accessing the program and setting up your clinic's profile in Tribal Habits

The Climate Care Program will be delivered via Tribal Habits - an Australian-owned online learning management system. Now that you've registered and paid for the program, you'll soon be sent two emails from our program dashboard with Tribal Habits ([email protected]):

  1. Your invitation to Vets for Climate Action's learning portal. This email will have instructions about accessing the learning portal. You'll need to click on the link in the email to set up your password. Your username should be your clinics or registered business name rather than your one. Please keep your login and password safe and do not provide them to any third party, including your team members. Registration is for one user profile per clinic (location).
  2. New pathway enrolment Climate Care program. This email will contain instructions about your enrolment into the Climate Care Program learning pathway - allowing you to access module content. 

*Please allow up to 48 hours from your registration date for these emails to be sent to you. If you have not received them in that timeframe please contact our team (don't forget to check your Spam/Junk folder first)!

Once you've created your user profile and have enrolled in the learning pathway, you'll be taken to your clinic's 'Dashboard' (see image below), where you can view the 'Climate Care Program Learning Pathway'. From here, it’s as easy as clicking the icon and heading titled 'Starting your Climate Care Journey' to begin accessing the program content (see more details about the learning pathway in the section below). 

Tribal Habits User Dashboard

The Climate Care Program 'Learning Pathway'

The program is designed to be realistic and workable in a busy veterinary clinic. As such, the program will span six core topic areas (known as modules):

  1. Water for Life: Where our water comes from and the impacts of climate change on our water supply. Assess your water use and make simple changes to save money and protect our precious water resources.
  2. No Time to Waste: What happens to waste and how this contributes to climate change. Learn how to be more efficient at using and disposing of resources to reduce your costs and keep waste out of landfill.
  3. Energy Efficiency: How our energy use contributes to climate change and understanding energy use in your practice. Implement simple changes to improve your energy efficiency and save money.
  4. The Power of Renewables: The types of renewable energy and how your practice can purchase, produce, store and use energy from renewable sources. Start reducing your carbon footprint so your practice can eventually become carbon neutral!
  5. Buying for a Better Future: Introduces the concepts of ethical procurement and the circular economy and explores the buying power of practices and how we can use this to advocate for better products and services.
  6. Healthcare without Harm: Using anaesthetic gases, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other chemicals to care for your patients and keep your teams safe while minimising their environmental impact.

Important: In addition to these core modules, you'll see the 'Starting your Climate Journey' introductory module - this is a prerequisite to the core modules and covers the basics of why climate care matters and some of the concepts covered in the program. We also highly recommend you check out the 'Navigating the Climate Care Program’ Guide' located in the learning pathway. While not compulsory, this is a quick overview of how the learning portal works.

Note: The modules are released at intervals in the order above, and you must complete each module before you can move on to the next one. Completion includes the assessment of the compulsory tasks. Upon enrolment in Tribal Habits, you’ll be able to see the first series of learning modules in the program.