Feed for Thought: How to own a healthy pet without sacrificing the health of the planet

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Join Vets for Climate Action to hear Canberra based founder of “Feed For Thought’s, Alison Gordon and business partner, Dr. Heidi Beruter solve the problem of how to own a healthy pet without sacrificing the health of the planet. Alison and Heidi use the power and abundance of insects to convert the food that we don’t use into a natural, sustainable, tasty, insect protein-based pet food.

About the Presenters:

Alison Gordon founded Feed For Thought with the holder of her heart, her ex-combat dog with PTSD. Inspired by serving her country in the military and her years of working in the wild Arctic and Antarctic, Alison created Feed For Thought to provide a service of a different kind. A service to her planet and its two and four legged inhabitants. Her goal is to leave a lasting legacy for dogs, the planet and her possible unborn children by giving society the option to make better choices.

In 2019 Dr Heidi Beruter BVSc, a small animal veterinarian and animal nutritionist was asked by Alison to join in her vision of creating an environmentally sustainable pet food, and since then they have developed Australia's first complete dog food based on insect protein