Vets seek strong and urgent steps ahead of Govt's Climate Statement

Vets for Climate Action was pleased to join a number of groups representing communities around Australia to call on strong and urgent steps vy Australia to ramp up action on climate. We are deeply concerned by the alarming signs of climate breakdown observed in 2023.

Ahead of the Government's second annual Climate Statement due at the end of November, we are urging the Government showing leadership on climate by: 

  • Delivering a historic investment in climate solutions to accelerate decarbonisation and preparing communities for climate impacts. Australia can draw inspiration from the United States’ Inflation Reduction Act to make large and strategic investments, which will alleviate cost-of-living pressures, create jobs, and support the resilience of communities to climate impacts.
    Ruling out new coal and gas projects in accordance with the calls of Pacific Island nations and the analysis of the International Energy Agency, which shows these are not needed for our decarbonising world.
    Taking steps to ensure Australia beats its target of a 43 percent emissions cut by 2030 and ensuring the forthcoming Net Zero 2050 decarbonisation plan can deliver net-zero emissions by 2035.
    Signing and supporting the Port Vila Call for a Just Transition to a Fossil Fuel Free Pacific.

You can read the letter here