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Deputy Chair Dr Angela Frimberger at Climate and Health Day of Action

Deputy Chair Dr Angela Frimberger spoke to Croakey Health Media at the Climate and Health Day of Action in Canberra about the often forgotten victims of climate change: animals 

The Croakey reported on the health and climate groups reaction the proposed Middle Arm gas hub in the Northern Territory and the health impacts of gas and fracking in the Northern Territory, including animals victims of climate change... 

Animals are an often forgotten casualty of climate change and extreme weather but Dr Angela Frimberger, Deputy Board Chair, Vets for Climate Action, spoke to Croakey about how changing climate conditions have profound impacts on the world’s animals.

“Vets for Climate Action represents over 2,000 vets and other animal care professionals across Australia because vets know that animals suffer and die due to the problems caused by climate change,” she said.

“Climate change is an animal welfare problem and we want people to know that if you love an animal, you should be concerned about climate change,” she said.

“Whether it’s pets affected by heat stress, production animals and livestock who have suffered desperately from heat stress and natural disasters, wildlife suffering from habitat loss and heat, food and water stress, marine animals threatened by rising water temperatures, there’s not a habitat anywhere in the world that isn’t in some way vulnerable to the effects of climate change.”

Published on 10 August 2023, the article is available in full here

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