Can Vet Heroes reach Net Zeroes?

Dr Jeremy Watson features on Dr Dave Nicol's podcast Blunt Dissection this month to answer "Can Vet Heroes Reach Net Zeroes". 
Spoiler alert - we know you can! Vets and vet nurses play an indispensable role in driving veterinary practices to make significant strides towards a sustainable, net zero!
In this episode of Blunt Dissection, dive deep into the quest for net zero carbon emissions in veterinary medicine, guided by Dr. Jeremy Watson, a pioneer in the field of veterinary sustainability. Dr. Watson brings to light the crucial role of integrating business culture and strategic planning in veterinary practices to foster a conducive environment for sustainability efforts. He underscores the necessity for management's commitment to spearhead this journey, through strategic fund allocation, visionary leadership, and setting a clear direction for the practice's future. The absence of such unified leadership and vision, he warns, could hamper efforts to curb carbon emissions, depriving them of the essential support needed for success.
You can listen to the podcast here