Climate Culprits and Regenerative Agriculture

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Hear from volunteer, veterinarian and farmer Dr Gundula Rhoades as she talks about the role of soil in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and how regenerative farming could play a role in mitigating climate change. 

Gundi talks about the contributors to climate change including the well known greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane, and the lesser known nitrous oxide and water vapour. She will also share her thoughts on whether cattle are the climate culprits many say they are!

About the Presenter:

With over 30 years of veterinary expertise, in 1998 Gundi moved to Australia and began raising Angus bulls with her husband. In 2002 she established her veterinary practice, Gowrie Veterinary Clinic—a mixed animal practice. Passionate about promoting the health of people, pets, and the planet, Gundi converted her farm to organic practices. Her experiences as an organic farmer allowed her to witness the remarkable healing potential of regenerative practices and their impact on the health of the soil, animals, and ourselves. She passionately advocates for regenerative agriculture and sustainable living and is the author of The Food Solution.