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VfCA attends VBG summit

October 20, 2020

This Thursday Climate and Sustainability will be the focus of the VBG's virtual summit. Jeannet Kessels, our chair, will be interviewed by the keynote speaker and this will be followed by breakout groups to...

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Chief Vet Officers retort that Australia needs a target

September 30, 2020

In early September, eighteen former Chief Veterinary Officers wrote to Scott Morrison asking for a meeting to discuss climate policy. The government declined to meet, and further their written response was deemed unsatisfactory for...

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Angela Frimberger on her involvement with VfCA

September 17, 2020

Angela Frimberger  cares deeply about animal welfare and is a founding board member of the near year-old Veterinarians for Climate Action (VFCA). Angela and her husband, Antony Moore, run a rather special veterinary operation...

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Committed to a sustainable future for all

September 11, 2020

Dr Angela Frimberger is concerned at how climate change is affecting ecosystems worldwide and impacting on all animals, wild and domestic. This suffering and death of animals was dramatically and tragically demonstrated by last...

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