What we're doing

Change the conversation

VfCA members are actively working to help everyday Australians realise that urgent action on climate change is both necessary and achievable. We train our members in having powerful conversations and open up avenues for our profession to appear in the media. Refer our media page for some of our early work.

Impact Groups

VfCA is setting up community Impact Groups, giving those in local veterinary communities a way to take action with others who care, co-ordinated to have both a national and local community impact.

Groups are being set up geographically and focus heavily on Learning, Achievement and Friendship. If you're interested in joining a local group then we'd love you to get in contact!

Sustainability in the hospital

We are enabling the veterinary profession to act more sustainably; after all you can't preach until you practice!

We're tapping into the expertise of a range of professionals to develop a 12-Month Hospital Sustainability Program, and we held a brainstorming session in January.

You can see our initial programme outline here.