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As part of our essential team you’ll greatly help us deliver on our purpose, so thank you for considering this opportunity. 

Vets for Climate Action is a Company Limited by Guarantee and our staff and operations are governed by a Board of Directors who are in turn elected by our Members. You have reached this page as you have been invited to become one of these Members.

To become a formal member, you need to pay an annual $1 membership fee. In completing this transaction, please be advised you are applying to the Company Secretary and you confirm that you:

(a) want to become a member
(b) support the purpose(s) of the company
(c) agree to comply with the company’s constitution, including paying the $10 guarantee under clause 4 if required.
(d) Provide evidence of qualifications if requested by the directors.

Thank you for your enthusiasm to get on board with our organisation. We can’t wait to start working with you. 

Kind regards,

- Jeannet Kessels (Chair)
- Angela Frimberger (Public Officer)

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